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Zvezda 1:144 IL-62

Here are some test fittings of my Zvezda IL-62.  This is a nice kit with some nice display options such as a fully detailed cockpit and front galley and positioned flaps.  After purchasing several decal options, I read reviews indicating the kit supplied decals do not line up properly with the windows, I am most likely going to build this ship as a LOT aircraft.  I purchased these decals through eBay, but I am not sure yet how they line up with the kit windows, or their overall handling quality.  I want this to be a relatively short build as well, so I don’t plan to fill in the windows which would solve the fit issues.  I will do some more test fitting and then make the final decision.  I also have some delivery Aeroflot and Interflug decals as backups. More to follow……


DSCN1901  DSCN1903




The fuselage and  wings are finally together, but even after a preliminary sanding along the halves, many fine seam lines remain.  I used full strength Tamiya NATO black along the seam lines, then sanded them smooth to see the remaining paint in the seam lines that needed to be filled. The same method was used for the cockpit piece which did not fit very well.  I know full section tops for the cockpits are popular now for airliner kits, but I do not like them.  I actually find the blending process to be more difficult, and nearly impossible to maintain a perfectly clear windshield since the windows are so close to the seam line.  I used gap-filling super glue to fill the seams and gaps around the windshield.  Hopefully I will be able to sand them smooth.  The fuselage went together very well, and test fitting of the wing join to the main fuselage is a perfect fit that should not need any filler.  I do not believe the Zvezda’s color callouts are correct for the metallic leading edges and the exhaust section of the engines.  I ordered some of Vallejo’s metallic paints that I believe should be a good fit, and this will give me the opportunity to test out their quality.  More to come when the sanding is completed….

DSCN1908   DSCN1911



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  1. John DeRosia John DeRosia

    Branon – looks like you already did a ”LOT” of work. I would go after the easy to do windows like i did if you don’t want to do much with them. Actually- your idea to paint the inside black and then use Krystal Klear is also a way to have the windows look cool. It’ll be be fun as you keep us updated on your progress.

  2. John DeRosia John DeRosia

    Brandon- you can tell I can’t type worth beans. I think you will have to edit the first comment and spell your name correctly……butter fingers r I…

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