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1/25th Scooby Doo Van Stretch

1/25th Scooby Doo Van Stretch

Got so pumped up after our model meeting (Sat Oct 13th)…..I got the extra two unbuilt kits from the Scooby Doo Van and went to town cutting them to make a stretched version for either the yellow or orange fleet.

Given that only the sides are relatively flat – after the initial cut and joining- I may have to do some putty work. I don’t think I have touched any putty in at least 20 years. No kidding!! Most of my other cutting / splicing projects required no putty work at all.

I am not sure yet if I will have two axles on the back, or just one. Will decide as I go and make decisions when I go to cut out the wheel openings / fill in the existing one.

One fun result of cutting the two kits- I will actually still have two ‘’models’’. One will be the stretch Scooby Doo Van, and the other a cool looking single COE cab. See the pictures below and as they are updated periodically throughout this project.

You can always click on each picture to make it large on your screen.

A short video is at the very end.



…..and some more in progress pictures……

And a few more pictures through the weekend Oct 21, 2018:

….and more progress pics…..

…..and more up to date pictures below through November 15, 2018……

Here are the final pictures and a short video of the completed vehicles. Enjoy!

Here is a short video produced by ‘Ultra cheap Productions Studio”.




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    • John DeRosia John DeRosia

      Orange?? what color is that? i drink orange juice but it is yellow!!! Weird.

  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Well my response cam ea bit late. But am happy to see you are possibly going to do a flatbed
    with the left over bits. Maybe a breakdown unit.

    Happy to see you are going to be getting some Body work done with loads of putty and sanding included.

    Make us all proud and build a kennel in the rear.
    Back story is Bride catcher Van for Scoopy Doo.

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Nice to see something totally new come out of this build. John that interior really looks great, has thrown me for a loop ! What is the back story on this baby ! Nice to see the Orange making an unexpected return to take the lime light.

    • John DeRosia John DeRosia

      Ed -don’t laugh to loud, but i still use good old PAINT and PowerPoint to make my decal images. I look on the internet and see what existing images i can use like a ‘Diesel Only’ signs. Then i shrink them down in one or more of the above programs. The rest are all home made and thought up for things like computer faces and such.

      Happy to share and or go over anything you like for your vehicles anytime.

      Because these are vehicles versus airplanes lets say – i then take the saved PowerPoint to a printing place and have them make several sheets on #80 ‘gloss flyer paper’. I use this because superglue does not bleed through when placing it on the vehicle. If i need a water transfer decal – i take white or clear to the copy place since they typically do not have the 81/2 x 11 sheets.

  3. Sheldon Sheldon

    Hi John, I am now working on the 1:25 Delorean model kit and saw you had some cool decal. I tried to find it on the web but no luck. Can you please send it to me if you still have soft copy>? It will be greatly appreciated.

    I also brought the Ghostbusters model too…planning to do that after Delorean.


    • John DeRosia John DeRosia

      Hi Sheldon – I am sure I still have all the decal ‘PowerPoint’ I made to have the decals made. I am now to the point that unless its a tank or airplane – i make just about all my decals. I only use PAINT and PowerPoint to make them.

      Do i send it to you over email??? Where are you located??


  4. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    WOW ! This was one of the more complex builds to date that I has watched you build ! I don’t think people actually realize that this build was not just two scratch built vehicles, but also all the extras are each separate builds on their own. Hats off to all the detailing. Coming up with a plausible back story also takes some doing. All the super detailing really pops on this. John you do realize that this build is not complete yet ? You are a vehicle short ! So I hope you have another Scooby Doo Van in your stash ? if not then you need a set of spare tyres to build a trailer for Kevin’s Cage. LOL……………

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