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USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier in 1 / 1200th Scale

Wow- talk about SMALL!!!! Great kit from Revell. And it has 32 aircraft and 6 deck vehicles. Trust me- in that scale- no two canopies on the aircraft are the same. No big deal. I built this for fun fun fun. And of course- wanted to have this sit next to the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship I built a few months ago in the same scale. Here are the completed pics with all the flies buzzing around on steel wire prior to painting them.

USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0060 006-Planes-good-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0060 009-Planes-good-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0060 031-Done-02 USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0082 001s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0082 002s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0082 003s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0082 004s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0082 004ss USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0082 008s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0082 009s

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  1. Herman Herman

    Wow John, this one really came out well considering the size of the Air Wing. – Just luv the Deck Hangar detailing [ Stunning idea ]

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