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100th Boeing Celebration at the Museum of Flight Display

0-05-2015 (Project Start)

Click on each picture for a full sized version!

Continuous Updates in this post below by date

I am currently working on the 1 / 144th scale kit of the 747-8 in the red/orange color scheme. I am using the Zvesda kit. What a beautiful kit. The plastic is very delicate though. Sort of like the softer styrene the old AirFix kits have in them. The engines are a masterpiece. You can see through the engines through the fan blades. Will post updates as the project progresses. Enjoy!

747-8 Orange-Plane-0010-Start-Oct-2015s 747-8 Orange-Plane-0020-Start-Oct-2015s 747-8 Orange-Plane-0022 003s 747-8 Orange-Plane-0024-combi-01 747-8 Orange-Plane-0024-combi-02 747-8 Orange-Plane-0024-combi-03 747-8 Orange-Plane-0024-combi-04 747-8 Orange-Plane-0024-combi-05

10-08-2015   Updates on the decals:

The tail decals should be more orange. Also the number “8” on the decals for the tail is blue – not silver / gray like the real airplane. Why??? – I don’t know the details. There are no aftermarket correct decals that I have found so I will have to use these. The main ‘redish’ area on the fuselage has to be painted.

747-8 Orange-Plane-0025-Decals-01s 747-8 Orange-Plane-0025-Decals-03a 747-8 Orange-Plane-0025-Decals-03b

747-8 Orange-Plane-0025-Decals-06

Some more progress for you starting Oct 14,2015.

Painted the fuselage white and then red. I used appliance white and mixed my own red with some black in it to get close to the ‘house’ colors.

747-8 Orange-Plane-0052-Red-Paint

747-8 Orange-Plane-0054

747-8 Orange-Plane-0055

747-8 Orange-Plane-0060

747-8 Orange-Plane-0062

747-8 Orange-Plane-0063

Now- if you are going to do the 747-8 in the Boeing ”house” colors- you need to make sure the black is in the windows first. This is due to the decals and the way they are printed. Waiting until after the decals will make for so much work.

I used a sharpened Popsicle stick and flat black, not gloss  like I had planned. No big deal either way.

747-8 Orange-Plane-0066

When completed – just a little clean up around maybe a dozen windows:

747-8 Orange-Plane-0074

Oct 18th, 2015 and now for the decals.  Due to pics/graphics of several variations of “Boeing house colors” I am going to leave the “8” on the tail as is. Having never used Zvesda decals- they didn’t look ”too good”. I thought to make sure they do not come apart- I sprayed them with decal fixative first and let them dry.

Tilt Tilt Tilt Tilt!!!!!!! Wrinkles already!!!!!!! AAAaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…there – I feel better- well- maybe not……what to kick first????….only kidding…..or….

747-8 Orange-Plane-0077 747-8 Orange-Plane-0076-Decals

Well- what to do???? Nothing- move forward they told the lead ant…..okay here goes…at this point I have nothing to loose……nothing…cry cry cry ….all that hard work and…….

747-8 Orange-Plane-0080

Hey- first decal went on okay…..

747-8 Orange-Plane-0086

At this point I have about 6-7 decals on each side. I’m using Solvaset (my favorite still after 30 some years)….Holy Decals Batman!!!!!!!! For some reason- a lot (not all) of the wrinkles seemed to smooth out. Well- better to let these dry before the next few go on…..

The tail. Thank you Brandon for the suggestion of just using a #2 lead pencil for the outline of then movable wing parts. Zvesda only has 2 small pins that align and add strength to the horizontal tail in the rear. Since I did not glue this to the body ahead of time, all I had for strength was the super glue and the two pins. Not a good joint. So i drilled a hole between the two pin holes and ran a wire through the fuselage. I curled the end and glued one side in place. Then – cut the other side wire and curdled it. I used super glue and it seems a reasonable joint.-See pics below.

747-8 Orange-Plane-0094 013-Wire 747-8 Orange-Plane-0094 011-Wire 747-8 Orange-Plane-0094 012-Wire

Decals are now done. Wow- what a slow slow process with these super duper thin decals. A few doubled over on me and it took time to flatten them out. Talk about delicate. There are still places they are wrinkled- so now have to find the right gloss so they will not look like out-door carpeting on the fuselage……

747-8 Orange-Plane-0094 020-Decals-done 747-8 Orange-Plane-0094 019-Decals-done

Windows. Real simple the way I do it. I now add some black paint to the front of each window on the strips I glued on the inside (see way above). When the paint is dry- I add Krystal Klear to even the windows with the fuselage.

747-8 Orange-Plane-0096-Windows 004 747-8 Orange-Plane-0096-Windows 001 747-8 Orange-Plane-0096-Windows 002 747-8 Orange-Plane-0096-Windows 003

Since there was hardly any recess/ panel lines on the wings…what to do?? I thought this would be a big undertaking. However- club member Brandon suggested to just use a #2 pencil. Wow- what a huge savings. Both wings done in about 15 minutes.

747-8 Orange-Plane-0097-Wings-02-Pencil747-8 Orange-Plane-0097-Wings-07 747-8 Orange-Plane-0097-Wings-06-Pencil

For each leading edge- I used plumbers ‘pre- stick’ duct foil. Worked okay for me and took no time.

747-8 Orange-Plane-0097-Wings-08-Foil-Edges 747-8 Orange-Plane-0097-Wings-09-Foil-Edges 747-8 Orange-Plane-0097-Wings-10-Foil-Edges 747-8 Orange-Plane-0097-Wings-11-Foil-Edges

I now glued  the main wings to the body…

747-8 Orange-Plane-0099747-8 Orange-Plane-0098

Everything is now ready for clear coat.

747-8 Orange-Plane-0102

Club member Mark saved my bacon suggesting to use the spray Polyurethane from Minwax. And it even did away with some more decal wrinkles (see story way above). And oh what a shine!!!

747-8 Orange-Plane-0108-Clear 747-8 Orange-Plane-0109-Clear 747-8 Orange-Plane-0110-Clear-Good 747-8 Orange-Plane-0111-Clear

747-8 Orange-Plane-0113-Pencil

Oct 27, 2015:

Finally- got those 4 thingies on the wings….only landing gear to go…..

747-8 Orange-Plane-0116 747-8 Orange-Plane-0119 747-8 Orange-Plane-0122 747-8 Orange-Plane-0123s 747-8 Orange-Plane-0124


Model is all completed now – ready for the MoF display!!

747-8 Orange-Plane-0130 015-Wheels 747-8 Orange-Plane-0130 034 747-8 Orange-Plane-0130 061 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 002 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 003 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 006 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 007 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 008 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 010 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 012 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 013 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 014 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 015 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 016 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 018 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 019-Good 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 020 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 021 747-8 Orange-Plane-0134 022

And finally the custom box to carry it to the museum….

747-8 Orange-Plane-0150-Box 013

Here is a short 1 minute send off video….












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  1. Herman Herman

    Another master piece in the making by John. Cannot wait to see how this build progresses.

  2. Herman Herman

    The color came out looking fantastic……………..Decals really make this an outstanding build – Seems that you are going to make the deadline by a large margin…………..Now that is why you are a master at your craft my friend…………….And the prize goes to ……………….Annie our ever vigilant quality inspector.

  3. dinosub dinosub

    Wow, perfect 747, worthy of the name “Queen of the Sky” Looks just as wonderful as the real ship!!

  4. Herman Herman

    ”For each leading edge- I used plumbers ‘pre- stick’ duct foil. Worked okay for me and took no time.”
    Now that was a great tip ! Really will have quite a few applications where this could be used.

    John I am quite impressed with the ”re scribbling” of the wings etc – came out very nice [loads of patience my friend.] and the Krystal Klear is another modeller’s life saver.
    Now to see where this will be displayed in the custom cabinet.
    I am sure you are happy to have been chosen to have done yours in such a great color scheme – Looks stunning `!

  5. Herman Herman

    John another Modelling milestone has been reached – Cannot wait to see the 747-400 Grace the Wall of the Museum of Flight.

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