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U.S. M-19 Tank Transporter 1 / 35th Scale

US M-19 Tank Transporter

This was beautiful kit to put together. However- with the many hundreds plus plus parts- I dreaded sitting down and having top glue more and more. Let me assure you- the engineering was top notch and the parts were very accurate. But the people factor made it hard to glue parts 50% smaller than the sprue gate holding it.

I did not install the humongous parts incredibly detailed engine. My intent was to glue the hood shut. So I did my typical plastic ‘For Sale’ sign 2D engine silhouette. If you are young enough to bend down and look through the front tires- you’ll still see a profile.

I love mechanized vehicles like this transporter so in the end- I’m glad I added it to my growing fleet of transporters. All age groups with patience can surely build this kit. I added a simple ‘load’ – a German half-track. That also was straight forward.

Lastly- it is all hand painted with my super thinned paints. First the OD green, decals, water base black wash, then weathering.

You may click on any picture to increase its size.

Wow on the PE parts!!

Simple 2D ‘flat’engine

Timbers for the half-track


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  1. OrangeConvoyhunter OrangeConvoyhunter

    Super OD build. John I do have one critique – I preferred the Horse Load just with the Black wash before the lightening – the black chains and oil stained Wood and bodywork looked much nicer.

    I did enjoy the fact that you took the other Units with to make the size comparison , that was really awesome to see.

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