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Kenworth K-100-Lowboy Trailer and Large Wave Capacitors

This Kenworth K100 and Lowboy trailer is used to transport ultra-high capacitors to aid ground penetrating imaging for superior high definition pictures.

These are the largest ever developed for imaging work by the GE Electronics Division. They have a very high reliability. In addition, their simple structure gives them enormous mechanical strength.

Their aid in imaging quality down to 9000 feet underground can ‘paint’ a pebble the size of a shirt button.

This project was started during the Christmas 2016 holiday. Still have the cab to complete yet.

(You may click on any picture for a larger image.)

All three kit provided ‘transformers’ were used and ‘re-purposed’ Frames to hold them all scratch built.

For all you airplane guru’s – I used airplane gauges for the dash. Better than trying to hand paint the plastic.

Here you see the job foreman taking a break!! Meow Meow!

Cheap water flat black used to fill in exhaust.

Cab  still to complete……

Model has now been completed on Jan 23, 2017. what another fun project!!

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  1. OrangeConvoyhunter OrangeConvoyhunter

    Welcome back, Nice to see the Convoy started again for 2017. John the Engine ? Is this the New Norm for future builds ?
    The idea of using decals for the Grill is very nice. I had seen the ”Low Boy” on trolls, was going to send you a pic then thought no lets 1st see what you have built. WHA LA !

    Well done………. A great start to 2017

    Attached image:

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John after having a good – up close look at this Build……… can possibly be broken down into at least 6-7 separate mini-builds to achieve the amazing finished Project. Another great Vehicle to add the ever growing Convoy.

    We have started a Local Orange Fan Club.

    Attached image:

  3. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John, having another look at this amazing build never gets boring there is always something new to spot with your intense ”extras” and to admire. Lots of respect as I think about all the hours of planning and execution that goes into these Unique Orange Fleet models. Even the ”foreman” has to take a break.

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