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The Decal Clear Spray Tool (DCST)

We have come a long way baby!! In the model world of course…..

Making decals at home is another giant leap in our hobby. I have been making decals for years now. And having so much fun doing it. If you have not already tried to- go for it. But, that is another story. Lots of people to ask and literature on the ‘how to’.

This tip is the decal ‘end-of the story’ before application. I use the 8 1/2 x 11 format making them and printing them. When printed – if using decal paper – you need to coat them with ‘decal fixative’ spray. I either use the Testors or plain old clear lacquer. The clear lacquer is especially great on paper decals (like for signs on trucks etc…).

I have tried 101 ways to coat them and hang them while they are wet and then dry them without getting clear coat runs. Usually- it was me holding one corner and then spraying them vertically. So I thought about it….and thought about it…and then zip zap blame!!! – an idea came to me.

Using scrap wood I made a frame slightly larger than the 8 ½ x 11 paper. I bought cheap paper clamps at a store (you get like 12 for $2.99) and attached one to each corner.

PRESTO!!! Instant air tennis racket……and let me tell you- I have won many many world tournaments so far….ha ha .

But- let the pictures speak the rest of the story. Clamp in your printed decals- spray the decals- and never touch them until dry…..

Next world air tennis match coming to a city near you!

(You may click on the pictures to get a larger image.)


If I use only paper- I typically spray the back also.




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  1. Did you figure out how to print white decals? Because that would be dope (and no, printing on white decal paper and then cut around letters doesn’t count 🙂 )

    • John DeRosia John DeRosia

      Hello Paolo- I do not know of anything yet to just print white decals. They are the hardest unless you cut out all letters. I can’t recall the name of the printer- but they could actually do white on clear decals. Unfortunately – they are out of business.

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