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Simple Paper Tail Cones for Airplanes or Engines to Hide’ C-thru’ Holes

Ever build a model airplane (military or civilian) and find that either it did not come with a tail cone- or you can ‘C-thru’ the engine from the back? Here is John’s 5 minute solution I have used many many times.

Most of the time- I never seem to have a pipe (plastic / brass / etc) that fits the size I need. So…….

Get a piece of regular paper (or scrap etc…) and make a simple cone. You can make it skinny or large depending on your application. I use good old Elmer’s to glue it. When dry – I use super-glue to glue it into the back of my model where it is needed.

When that is dry – trim to your needs. Paint it flat black on the inside and outside and you are done.

By the way – this cone method works for any / all kinds of models that you need to fill or block light in any openings.

Enjoy and have fun!!!!

You can click on this very accurate highly detailed picture to make it larger-accurate to plus/minus .0005!-ha ha ha !!

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  1. OrangeConvoyhunter OrangeConvoyhunter

    Nice tip……….thanks for sharing will pass on to the Club members

  2. Mark Andrews Mark Andrews

    I used this on my 1/48 U-2C from Testors that, oddly enough, does not come with any sort of engine or tail pipe. It looks great and once painted black, can’t tell what it is!

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