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Heritage Flying Collection ‘Tank Fest’ Dec 3, 2016 Model Demos

Heritage Flying Collection ‘Tank Fest’ Dec 3, 2016

It is always an honor and privilege to represent our hobby no matter where. Saturday Dec 3, 2016, the IPMS Seattle and NWSM were asked to come do some live modelling and displays of tank related subjects. I tell you, sitting among some of the rarest of REAL aviation artifacts and mechanized vehicles working on models amongst them is so hard to describe. Wow!!

Seven (7) members (Eric, Dan, Joe, David, Bruce, Morgan, John) displayed some fantastic models as well as demonstrated to the public the fun we can have building. For a while- there were so many people- it was hard to glue 3 parts in one hour. But that’s what it is all about.

From little to big and every age in between, the public was very enthusiastic. There was a lot excitement at this gathering. And as always happens – we meet veterans who either flew the real things we model, or drove them (trucks, tanks etc). For a moment in time- they went ’back in time’ to relive the model they were looking at on our tables.

What a great day for all. And –some of us even got some free chocolate!!


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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Nice turnout – John great to see you brought some Golden Oldies from the basement, to get some fresh air .

    Really brings back some great memories, when the jars of Olive Drab and Black wash were the dominating colors on the dining table/workbench for a while.

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