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Revell Ghost Pirate Ship

This is the Revell Snap Kit of the Ghost Pirate Ship. I wanted to do a ghost ship for a while but I didn’t want to put a bunch of money into the kit until I tried some of the techniques I was going to employ. For a snap kit, this thing has a ton of detail! Lots of delicate ornamental carvings you would have seen on the real ships. The parts fit well but I did glue them for a more permanent fix. The only negative about the kit is that the sails were printed on the instruction sheets. The bond paper they use is not very usable since it doesn’t shape well. I decided not to do sails so more of the ship’s details could be seen.

Painting was pretty much straight forward. Mostly used Tamiya Colors thoughout. The most intense part was the gold detailing around the great cabin and cannons. On the rolled up sails I used Testors Linen in the square bottle then a brown wash over that. It really gave the illusion of rolled up sails. Now it is time to give it that ‘ghost’ look! I used Doc OBrian’s Weathering Powders available through Micro Mark. using white and light gray I covered most of the ship in the powders and ground it into the paint and crevices with a stubble brush. I then gently blew off the excess. It left the haze often associated with ghost ships. The cobwebs are the fake cobwebs that are available at Halloween time. i took a few strands and let them naturally lay across the ship.

This was a fun little project. I am hoping to do a much bigger ship soon!

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  1. John DeRosia John DeRosia

    Mark – love this ship and the effects you did on it. Also- simple description / words- straight and to the point. A lot of people like me like to see some in progress pics through to completion. This blog certainly is one good way to do this. Great subject- great model – and you certainly made it live up to the ‘ghost’ theme. Outstanding!!!

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