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Underground Mining Loader

April 2017 Seattle IPMS Model-Fy Contest Candidate

Time for more fun in the model world. Trust me- I have tons of ideas on what to make for the 4×4 Monster Truck modification theme for this years model show. If time permits- I’ll do one other fun project.  For the contest- at least one 4×4 Monster Truck tire must be noticeable.

This one speaks for itself. Going bonkers with ‘For Sale’ signs plastic. I have always wanted to build more construction vehicles so now I have an excuse to do it.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I will add pics as progress continues. Enjoy.

Note: you may click on the pics for a larger showing.

To be continued….



Here are some more project pictures that are up to March 12, 2017. Enjoy:

And some more progress pics. Painting has started:

Some more pics of the progress ending 03-30-2017:

Here is a short video showing all movement and pin joints”


Some more progress pics ending on April 02, 2017. Enjoy!!


About 1 more hour left on this project! Progress up to 04-09-2017:

Here are the last of the pictures. Project was completed April 15, 2017. A short video also follows!

Finally- the ending video. Be sure you watch it all the way. the ending starting with the blue screen is the best!





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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    WOW John you had me at ”STARTING POINT” I thought you were modifying the Kit on view………………..Then realized all you are using are the TYRES/WHEELS. This is way more than impressive my friend. I was getting really freaked out about where all this creativity was coming from until you gave away the secret in the 4th last image………………..Empty Medication Container……. Being off your ”Anti-Crazy” Meds has its benefits. Laughing.

    Attached image:

  2. Edgar Salazar Edgar Salazar

    Hello, John, excelent the job.
    I would like to write to you by e-mail, to request a copy of the LCI lindberg instruction manual. Thank you

  3. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John, I personally reckon this is one of your better builds as far as the design and total Scratch building goes. To use a set of wheels as a base – then to create this vehicle was awesome – then you took it to another level by making the parts move ! More than impressive my friend. Luved the vid – One flaw you need to work on your voice-overs [Laughing] .

  4. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Just when I thought it was all done & Dusted you surprise me with a new posting with MORE detailing. Like the filters – and cockpit detailing how could I have missed that.

  5. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Hope all went well with the show ? The Interior cab area has totally transformed -like the door locking mechanism.

    Attached image:

  6. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Nice Video – I also enjoyed the Crew being present. John only one critique – I think ‘the Hand’ needs to be dressed in a pretty Orange Glove. Naked Hands are not cool as this is a Child friendly Site.

    The articulating front end is awesome.
    Hope you have hired some Orange County Law Officers for crowd control at your display Table.

    • ipmsadmin ipmsadmin


  7. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    The extreme scuffing , oil and hydraulic fluid stains plus weathering is outstanding – some of the best in your series of D.I.Y. Builds. You definitely stepping up your game my friend.

    Oh the infamous ACV [Advanced Cartage Vehicle] will be debut at this show. Cannot wait for the feedback. Have you arranged a drum roll for your Grand entrance.
    Hope we will in future be seeing the AGVDS [Autonomous Ground Vehicle Delivery Sytem]

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