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Kenworth AMT 1/25th “Papa Truck” Race Truck Hauler

By John DeRosia

This is one of my current projects and what a beauty. I was drawn to this re-release right away for a few reasons.

  1. It’s a truck. I love trucks / rigs.
  2. Very colorful.
  3. AMT kits are easy to put together.

The first few hours – I pretty much completed the frame and hauler body. A few deviations I have done is from experience. This cab will be glued in –pl;ace so why build the engine? See some of the pictures below for my ‘2D’ engine profile. When the frame and body is painted white – I will paint the engine flat black. Problem solved for the see-thru issues on vehicles.

I also reinforced the side panels. A test fit of the cab and side panel indicated a weakness due to movement. So I added stiffeners from the frame to the sides.

That’s pretty much it for now. An absolutely fun project. I’ll add more pictures as the project continues.

Note: you may click on the pics to have them open to a larger size.

Here are some more in work pics through Feb 18th. Enjoy:

To be continued!

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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Great start………..cannot wait to see what the Baby is going to look like ?

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John until you actually dry-fitted the Racer on the bed I never thought it was going to fit. Just looked way to big/Long. I am truly impressed with the Massive Racing and truck engine detailing – that must have really taken up some all Night modelling. I have realized on the last few builds , the lack of Oversight from the Quality Controller, Is this due to budgetary constraints [J&T Modelling Sequestration] ?? Besides these few notes , I must say that it is really taking shape.

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