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Museum of Flight ‘Mini-Space” Model Display

This was a fun event hosted by the North West Scale Modelers (NWSM) from the MoF on Saturday Nov 7, 2015. Modeler representatives participated from the NWSM and the Seattle IPMS members.

We were situated under and around the one and only “Black Bird”. What a really great time for all. We each showed a few models and also had something to work on. It seemed non stop with the public (and so many kids!!) coming by all day and looking, asking questions, and also saying they would love to┬ásee the Feb 2016 huge model display. Here’s a few pics. Enjoy!!

MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0004 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 016 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 019 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 020 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 021 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 023 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 025 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 029 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 030 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 031 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 034 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 035 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 037-Terry MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 038-Terry MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 039-Terry MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 041-Erics MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 042-Erics MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 043-Erics MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 044-Erics MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 046 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 047 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 051 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 052 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 056 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 059 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 060 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 065 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 066 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 070 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 071 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 072 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 074 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 076 MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 091s MoF-Nov-07-2015-Mini-Space-Show-0020 092s


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  1. Herman Herman

    My favorit is the Armor display table. I always marvel at the amazing setting / location for the event. It must be a wonderful experience to be under the SR71. The 747 dwarfs the rockets !

  2. Herman Herman

    I never saw your detailed Apollo craft before – that is awesome – and those NASA Escape vehicles ! Luv the color scheme

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