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How to Open that Stubborn Square Bottle of Model Paint

John’s Tip of the Moment:

For those that use the square Testors bottles to detail paint with- ever had this happen to you?

You can’t open the dern lid to save your life. What the!! Then you try to grab and hold it tight with your ‘bear sized’ hands –but you just can’t grip it right. Getting the pliers to help open the lid doesn’t help either because the bottle just spins in your hands.

What to do??? Go out into the shop in this beautiful Seattle weather in sub-zero temps (well- hey it felt like it. I had my flippers on and a T-shirt!).

I got a scrap piece of wood and outlined the bottle on it. I drilled a few holes etc and cut out the profile of the bottle.

Work time- tops – 5 minutes. You can tell. But hey – it works. Now I can put the bottle in the holder- and it stays from rotating. I can grip the wood easily.

As far as what to do with round bottles- good question…..will have to come to that if someone hasn’t already….Enjoy!


Paint-Bottole-Opener-0010s Paint-Bottole-Opener-0012s Paint-Bottole-Opener-0014s Paint-Bottole-Opener-0022 Paint-Bottole-Opener-0023 Paint-Bottole-Opener-0024s Paint-Bottole-Opener-0025

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