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Monogram’s 1/24th Scale 1926 Mack Bulldog Tanker

By John DeRosia, Seattle IPMS Member

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How to sum up this great model? Two words. Joy and happiness. Wow- for being an older kit- I can say the one I just bought had about ‘zero’ flash on the parts. Most of it went together like clockwork. The kit was also in my happy price range – about $25.00-outstanding! My mind went way ahead of the instructions- so I messed up with the engine mounting. By the way- what a beautiful engine at that. No big deal – I just did a little magic to make it fit like it was supposed to.

The only thing I would have done different is to glue the top on the cab after the inside was detail painted. I wanted the top in place as I sprayed the color – so it was a little challenge to paint the inside seats, cab floor and do the dash.

I wanted to make mine a water tanker so I added some simple sprayers front and back. I took round styrene rod and heated the ends up and then flattened them to look like a sprayer nozzle.

Typical of my vehicle builds, I made some simple decals, added some water hoses and a ladder. It took less than about 20 hours – this accounting for waiting for the paint and clear to dry. For me- it was a simple and fast put together kit. I highly recommend it to any and all ages. You’ll love your truck when you complete it. The Internet shows so many variations of this- you’ll be able to make it into anything you want.

As always – enjoy and have fun, fun fun!!!!!




Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0030 008 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0030 013 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0030 015 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0031s

Ana, the German paint color inspector is very critical of any runs!!! Yikes!!

Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 011-Ana Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 019 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 020 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 024 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 032 007s Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 032 012 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 032 017s Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 032 018 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 001 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 002 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 003 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 004 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 005 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 006 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 007 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 008 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 009 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 010 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 011 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 012 Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 013

Mack-1926-USGS-Jan-2016-0040 040 014

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  1. Scott M. Scott M.

    really like. one minor comment – i think you have the chain drives reversed. I think the chain would naturally be hanging towards the ground.

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