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Scooby Dooby Doo – The Mystery Machine 1/25th Scale

By John DeRosia, Seattle IPMS Member

Note: You may click on the pictures for a larger view.

I’m on a new venture in between all my other model building ventures to build some TV / Movie machines. That said, I’m more or less starting with model kits available in that theme.

Lo and behold- The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine is one of those kits.What exactly is the mystery about the ‘Mystery Machine’??  Guess I did not tune into many episodes to ever find out…….was hard enough not having electricity growing up and watching the cartoons in black and white……..

The kit was really meant for ‘very young’ kids- but hey- ‘they’ allowed me to build it. Something to do about being ‘grandfathered in the clause’ since I was young once. It has very few parts and best of all ‘STICKERS” instead of decals. I believe this is my first ever model for me using stickers. Oh boy- little did I know they would test me to no end……..

One very interesting feature of this model is the van body was split into two- vertically along the seam that ran around the body. Another weird thing given it caused me a few fit issues with the interior. To get a good paint finish – you have to glue the two body halves together before trying to rent some 60 ton impact wrenches to get the interior inside.

Snap kit for kids??- Yeah if they live on Mars maybe!!

The body paint was straight forward. In order to get the interior inside- you will need to cut off the ‘bed/floor’ right behind the seat. If you are a kid- this will not apply. Just follow the instructions and live happily ever after….LOL.

The stickers were next before the clear coat. What to say about the ‘stickers’? This may apply to kids and adults alike. The best way to describe them is …AAAaaaaahahaahaahhhhhhhhAAAAAAaaaaaaHHHhhhhhhhhh”…..and shout that above a typical rock concert noise level. The flat go on good- provided you realize you get one shot. Mess the placement wrong- too bad….BBBbaaaWwwaaHHHHHhh!!!!!! Ask me how I found out? Also peeling them from the self sticky waxy backing – they will rip off some of the smaller parts. Ask me how I know? Finally – the decals that curve around the corners of the body are not meant to be bent in a compound curve. Ask me how I know? With some slight cuts here and there and super- glue, I finally got them to stay.

The clear coat glossed the body/decals up and I thought that was the end of that. Ha!! Handling the frame/body and working it all in can make the stickers RIP or parts lift off! Ask me how I know? GGGGGrrrrrrrrrrGGGGGGrrrRRRRrrr!!!

It does have functioning rear doors – unless the hinge pins break which they did on mine!!! But now faced with this huge interior- I decided to go with a ‘mid ‘70s hippy theme shaggy carpet and tie dye type of interior. I made simple bond paper decals and used super glue to keep them in place.

After the frame and wheels and seat with the two figures was secured in place, I then glued in the bed/floor.

Finally- only the bumper left and the roof rack. Please see above words starting in AAAAaaaaaaa…..and GGGGgrrrr! The front bumper pin broke- and each of the roof rack pins. I even used needle nose pliers to try to press the items in- that helped break them because they fit so tight. Yikes. I redid the roof racks with new roof supports and 2 bolts on each side.

There – finally done. Not sure if I will ever attempt another kid’s snap kit….they are too intimidating!!!!! LOL!!!!! GggggRRRrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


Enjoy the pics……..

Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 001Box-02 Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 007 Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 008s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 009s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 020 010 Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 025-Decals-s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 030 004s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 030 008s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 030 031 Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 030 032s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 030 035s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 030 047 Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 030 050s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 030 054s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 030 055s Scooby-Doo-1-25th Machine-00020-Jan-2016 031-Box-01s

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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Hi, ”LITTLE JOHNNY” This was one of the all time highlights of my Friday Night……………Seems this ”Snap-kit” really lived up to its name or should I say ”Snap Kid” ?
    But once again you have taken this little monster and created another amazing build.
    Kudus to you for your perseverance payed off.

    I must admit I was actually very surprised that there was no ORANGE in this build.
    So I believe this means we are in for something different in 2016.

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