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Model Carts Made Easy

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by John DeRosia Seattle IPMS Member

I see all kind of cool ‘carts with wheels’ used when we have model events / shows. A lot of modelers have something they can use to transport their models from the car to an event without having to carry their model boxes. It’s amazing that a light weight model box when leaving your car trunk all of a sudden weighs no less that a 20 foot diameter cannon ball after carrying it 100+++ feet to the show and tables.

If you do not have one, or the resources ($$) to buy an expensive cart already made, here is one of the easiest ways-and cheap – to get a wheeled cart. It is also small enough to fit in your car with the models.

I have one made from wood I have used for all the models I bring to shows. Go to your local Harbour Freight, Home Depot, Lowes or other home improvement stores. I bought one of their ‘’home moving’’ dollies. Was right about at the $12.00 price range. Yes – $12.00 not $120.00!! How cool is that.

Because I have a lot of models in boxes I usually carry into shows, I did modify mine a little. I basically cut it in half (across the wood- not the carpeted ends) and lengthened it. Easy with 2x4s and scrap wood and screws. Cheap conversion. I then added a piece of plywood, eye bolts for the ropes to hold the model boxes in place, and a handle made from electrical ½ inch conduit. Use your imagination to modify if needed- but take the weight of the show off your shoulders.

Next show at the lunch break – let’s organize a model cart race…….wwwwweeeeeeeeeeee……………………..




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