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Foam Core Storage Boxes for Completed models

I make a lot of ¼” foam core boxes for my completed models. Mostly because a lot of my stuff does not fit any ‘readymade’ boxes or Tupperware type bins. Sure- some do- but not a lot.

Foam core is cheap and easily is cut with a straight edge and single side razor blade. All gluing is with good old Elmer’s glue. I add fun graphics to also remind me which way the model sits in the box. On average – it takes me about 2-4 hours per box. Yes- I have a system down to cut all major panels and strips first after making quite a few.

The internal model support is unique of course for each and every model. In addition to making sure the model does not slide forward, backward or sideways, I many times make something out of foam core to also halt the up and down movement. After all- transporting these in a car to the destination could mean you may go over bumps on the roads.

These boxes last for years and years in dry storage. And they are very tough. I add completed model pictures to all sides and the top to aid in finding the model as it is in storage waiting for the next opportunity to show it someplace.

Sometimes- depending on the models – I have put 2 or 3 in one of these custom boxes.

Enjoy and be creative if you make your own.


USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0084-StorageBox-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0085-StorageBox-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0086-StorageBox-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0087-StorageBox-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0088-StorageBox-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0089-StorageBox-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0090-StorageBox-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0091-StorageBox-pics-01s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0091-StorageBox-pics-03 USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0091-StorageBox-s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0100-StorageBox 002s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0100-StorageBox 003s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0100-StorageBox 006s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0100-StorageBox 007s USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0100-StorageBox 008s

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  1. Sho Ebata Sho Ebata

    This is useful, as I also worry about not just building, but storage of my completed models.

    • John DeRosia John DeRosia

      Sho – after all- we creat magnificant art work using plastic in most cases. Having a well built storage container is also important. It is worth the extra time to make sure your model is safe and secure. john D.

  2. Herman Herman

    This makes a load of sense at our local IPMS the club members generally transport their pristine models in open boxes – And quite often have to make onsite repairs becuase of the damage incurred in transporting.
    I like that your boxes are not only sturdy – but have the added packing instructions on them as well.
    I use to have to hunt through my boxes before seeing yours and I realized a simple external description would make my life so much easier.

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