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A New Orange Low-Rider (1 / 1 Scale) joins the Orange Fleet

by John DeRosia

After the last model show hauling all of my ‘orange fleet’ around in an old existing cart- I decided it was time to upgrade. Some things to consider were that the cart should not be more than 25 inches wide. Why? Most doors we go through at shows are in the 30-36 inch wide range. Some thankfully are even larger wide entrance doors.

I also wanted to make it longer – in this case 6 feet. However- I do not own a vehicle that could accommodate such a long cart. What to do? Of course- hinge it in the middle!! I also added one handle to each of the sides on one side only to make it easy to carry. Lastly- I did not want to weld a new handle so I am using the one from the existing cart. It worked out real nice.

I’m sure there could be improvements made- but I will see how it works in April for our Seattle IPMS 2017 Model Show.

(Remember- You may click on any picture for a large image.)

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One Comment

  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    I WANT WANT ONE ! John this is totally awesome – I think your Orange Fleet Status just got elevated to Orange-Platinum Transporter. WOW ! I luv the tie-down eye-hooks I use similar ones around the house & Garage on my cupboards to slip the padlocks through,

    I gather the unit is made out of wood ? Must be fairly heavy – but the fold up concept is just great.
    I am definitely going to make one for myself………..I was intending to make one to cart my stuff around in garage but after seeing this I am definitely going to make a fold-up unit.

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