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Lindberg Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) 1/ 160th Scale

This series of pictures is for our model friend Edgar in Venezuela.

This was a very enjoyable ‘simple’ kit with not many parts. However- to really bring it life – I added a lot of extra plastic bits. Looking on the internet for real pictures – these wonderful ships had many hatches / doors and other things the kit does not come with. In particular- these ships had 2 ramps at the front that the infantry would leave the ship in once on the beach. I just had to model them. The kit has them molded on the front- but they certainly do not tell the ‘story’ of why they are there. Use your imagination and you will end up with a beautiful model.


John DeRosia

(Please remember- click on any of the pictures below to make them full size.)

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  1. Edgar Salazar Edgar Salazar

    Many thanks John. Congratulations on your models. Greetings from Venezuela.

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John, As you mentioned at start of the build , Ships needs loads of detailing. The end result of your build speaks volumes to all the extras you added. The LCI looks the part and with the superb weathering it makes all those hours worthwhile. Great build again.

  3. Cropredy Cropredy

    My Dad was on one of these for a short trip from Le Havre to Rouen. I’m modelling it now and these pictures are a great inspiration! His was a center door version (no side ramps) so a bit of Lindberg customization is in order.

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