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Star Wars Vandal

This idea started at the show in Billings, Montana last September. Ideas were thrown around for special categories for the 2017 show. Two were come up with. one being a Star Wars category and then a Best Tom Daniels design model. I came up with the idea of combining the two.

I started off with the Tom Daniels Vandal kit. I built that straight from the box with one exception that I will cover later. I painted the interior overal medium blue with red seats. Like seen in many vehicles in Star Wars. I painted the body in a high gloss white. I found small stickers and tattoos at Walmart of Star Wars characters. They are perfect size for 1/25. I scattered them on the inside of the car and a few on the outside. The large sticker on the right side was found at Walmart too. You apply the tattoos exactly by the instructions provided with them. They will stick to most surfaces. The overcoat on the body is the Minwax Clear Gloss polyurethane spray.

The one thing I didn’t do per the instructions on the build is the steering wheel. The van kit comes with a mini bike that I had decided I was not going to use. It had a cool looking handlebar. I put that on the van in reference to the speeder scene in Return of the Jedi. 

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  1. John DeRosia John DeRosia

    Mark – great article!!!!!! Glad to see this posted. And the van looks outstanding. Love the theme. Too bad we can’t photograph them both together – your and mine. That would be such a cool pic.
    Stuff like this keeps inspiring others to ‘think outside the box’—–don’t just build and paint a kit the way it comes. Go to town and make a superb creation like your Star Wars van!!

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