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1/24th Scale Vandal “Fake Fur” by Tom Daniels

Kit-Re-Issued by Monogram Models – built by Seattle IPMS member John DeRosia

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Okay- its been out a while, but I finally caved in and got one. I mean –what a cool look. It follows in the footsteps of Tom Daniels legacy of creating ‘out-of- the- box-thinking’ cool looking machines.

I would venture to guess the kit is right out of the same molds of 20++ years ago. But that’s okay. It makes it cheaper (the kit was only about $25.00 a few weeks ago)….and for some of the parts if you wanted to enhance and add more detail – you can easily do this. The kit comes with the ‘van’ of course and a small mini-bike.

The build is pretty much straight forward. However- I wanted to do my ‘70’s thing’ and did not build the van black as Tom Daniels had designed it. Very very few non-black Vandals were found on the internet. His back door folded down, and the side door did not fold up very far. So I made simple changes that allowed the back door to hinge up, and the side door to match the large up-swing.

Also- his design had wooden bumpers. As I’m thinking through this – I wanted chrome for the bumpers. I can’t tell you the how and why I decided on bright yellow- but that was it. I thought it would look cool in a bright color. And then because the interior has a ‘huge cavern’ to fill visually- I opted for an African theme. That idea came from having extra bond copy zebra skins I used on my 1/24th Fred Flintstone mobile a month ago.

I did glue on the front pan and the back license plate pan. I wanted the yellow to look smooth and I knew it would be extra hard to have that smooth look if I waited to the end like the instructions suggest. The interior/frame did fit into the body at the end- a little tight – but it went in.

I made my own bond copy decals with the African themed art, and the side stripes also. When I use bond copy ‘decals’ – I always spray the front and back of the 81/2 x 11 with clear gloss. This is so the superglue that holds them on after cutting them out does not seep into the bond copy and give it a soaked look.

By luck, the kit provided chrome side splash panels ended up for the bumpers. I used extra zebra stripes for their replacement. Didn’t come out to bad.

I used cheap rub on foil for the roof rack rails, and redid the front headlights with my clear hobby gem stones.

The very very very last thing I did was place the driver’s glass on the body. Wrong. I never checked it prior to that. It did not fit, was warped and it had a very complex shape. What to do? I settled on cutting the aft portion off and gluing it in at an angle to look like a vent. This made the major glass portion fit better on the body. I used a few sparing drops of super glue to secure it in place. Luckily- it did not vent the white fumes onto the glass.

The very last step was for me to brush clear (water based) on all chrome-the engine, the bumpers, grill to really bring out the shine.

I call this van the ‘Fake Fur’ because if it had a real life counterpart- I want it known no real zebras would have been done away with the carpet a 70’s hippy van. Back then – I had a real van customized- and it too had lots of fake fur. Groovy!!

The mini-bike was straight forward and the color matches the van.

As always- I had a lot of fun, and I too definitely like ‘thinking-out-of-the-model-box’!! Enjoy.


Short video (1:07 minutes)

Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0020-Box-01 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0020-Box-03 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 008 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 018s Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 036-Safari-Carpets Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 037-Zebra-Carpet Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 050 006-chrome-rack Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 055 002 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 055 005 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 055 008 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 055 012 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 055 019 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 058 012 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 060 001s Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 060 003s Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 001 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 002 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 003 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 004 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 005 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 006 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 007 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 008 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 009 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 010 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 011 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 012 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 013 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 014 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 015 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 016 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 070-Done 017 Vandal-1-25th-Scale-Hot-Rd-0030 071-Mini-Bike




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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John, I can see you were a Custom Van owner by the cool Interior you did on this build. I know you are dreaming of owning another Custom Van again one day. I think you should build your ”DREAM VAN” as a cool kit . !

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