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TV and at the Movies Dec 2015 / Jan 2106

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1/25th Kit Review: TV and at the Movies Dec 2015 / Jan 2106

Did I get a model for Christmas this year?…NNNnnnnnnnnNNNNNnnnnOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!

But that’s okay. I had time off from work and had my own fun ‘at the movies’. I built and completed 6 models all based on TV and the movies. The kits I built were:

1. Back to the Future (Kit: Polar Lights Mark II-Snap Kit)
2. Ghostbusters (Kit: AMT Ecto-1A)
3. Monkees Mobile (Kit: MPC MonkeeMobile)
4. Dukes of Hazzard ‘General Lee’ (Kit: MPC with Confederate flag decal)
5. Batmobile (Kit: Polar Lights – Snap Kit)
6. Flintstone mobile (Kit: Lindberg FlintMobile – Snap Kit)

Please note- I worked production style. All except the Batmobile and DeLorean needed painting on the outside bodies. I was not going to try to repaint the Batmobile in its shiny black with red trim stripes. It was good enough for me. And the Stainless Steel finish on the DeLorean is beyond incredible. Absolutely fantastic.

While some bodies and the paint were drying, I would work on the interiors or exteriors like the top rack of the Ghostbusters.

All had some ‘issues’ – many older kits/molds of course – but nothing that had me grumbling. I did what needed to be done to have fun putting these together.

Here are the simple supplies I used:
1. Spray cans for the outside bodies of four (4) of the models
2. Hand painted all other items.
3. Lots of wiring (DeLorean and Ghostbusters)
4. Home made decals – particularly for the inside of the Ghostbusters.
5. My red, blue, green etc clear Tamiya paints for lights.
6. Clear coat- water based-and hand brushed over the chrome, lights etc.

But please tell me- why why why why why did I spend $30.00 on a Flintstone Mobile!!! AAAAaahhhhhhhhh….the other kits were all less than $30.00. I hope none of you ever admit to sinking this low on model purchases (laugh). Thank good ness for my home made leopard and zebra skins to enhance this super duper simple ‘wood and stone’ model (19 parts!!).

I did get to thinking – did Bo and Luke Duke work for the United States Geological Survey branch of the government before they moved to Hazzard County? I mean – the General Lee is orange…..ha ha ha …..

I also came across a website that lists all vehicles used in movies since the 1920s I think. Even if one was seen for 1 second- they listed it and have a picture. I better not visit this site too much…..will give me more ideas on making thousands of models from the
TV and movies……or only the orange ones?

That’s it. I’ll let the pictures tell the story and the results. All were fun, easy and fast.


Batmobile-1-25th-Scale-0030 007 Batmobile-1-25th-Scale-0030 009 Batmobile-1-25th-Scale-0050-Good-01 Batmobile-1-25th-Scale-0050-Good-03 Batmobile-1-25th-Scale-0050-Good-05 Batmobile-1-25th-Scale-0050-Good-07 Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0010-Box-01 Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0021 Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0028 002s

Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0028 005

Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0040 003

I made a better hook than the kit had:

Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0040 015-Hook Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0050-Good-01 Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0050-Good-04 Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0050-Good-05 Delorean-USGS-Back-To-Future-Mark-II-0050-Good-06 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0020-Box-Dec-28-2015-02 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0021-Decals-02 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0024 034

All of my vehicles get the cheap poster paint flat black on doors, hoods, trunk molded in recesses etc…

Dukes-of-Hazzard-0024 039 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0024 040-w-Monkees Dukes-of-Hazzard-0024 041 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0024 045 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0025-Good-01 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0025-Good-02 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0025-Good-03 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0025-Good-04 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0025-Good-05 Dukes-of-Hazzard-0025-Good-06

Is this the next Bo and Luke TV series?…..




Oh this kit tested the wit of my modeling skills- “…Wilma !!!!!!!!!!!!”……

Flinstone-Moblie-1-25th-Scale-0029 Flinstone-Moblie-1-25th-Scale-0040-Done 001 Flinstone-Moblie-1-25th-Scale-0040-Done 007 Flinstone-Moblie-1-25th-Scale-0041-Good-01 Flinstone-Moblie-1-25th-Scale-0041-Good-03 Flinstone-Moblie-1-25th-Scale-0041-Good-04 Ghostbusters-0016-Box-01

This inside of the vehicle cried for extra super details…..but who was I gonna call???….”Ghostbusters ???”….

Ghostbusters-0026 005-Begin-Interior

I just came up with my own decals for the gizmo’s inside…

Ghostbusters-0026 007-Decals Ghostbusters-0026 016 Ghostbusters-0028-Inside 001 Ghostbusters-0028-Inside 002 Ghostbusters-0030 007 Ghostbusters-0030 012-Good Ghostbusters-0030 013 Ghostbusters-0030 022 TGhostbusters-0030 057-Good

The external top rack cried out (or was that a ghostly wail??) for gauges, wire etc…

Ghostbusters-0030 059 Ghostbusters-0038 Ghostbusters-0042

The clear supplied major top lights should all be blue… 25 year old bottles of Tamiya clear blue, red, green etc still work great….the kit also DID NOT supply a ladder. All the movie vehicles had one so I made a simple one…..

Ghostbusters-0050 010-Ladder-Good Ghostbusters-0050 011b-good Ghostbusters-0050 019 Ghostbusters-0050 050-Good-01 Ghostbusters-0050 050-Good-02 Ghostbusters-0050 050-Good-03 Ghostbusters-0050 050-Good-04 Ghostbusters-0050 050-Good-05 Ghostbusters-0050 050-Good-06 Ghostbusters-0050 050-Good-07 Ghostbusters-0050 050-Good-08 Ghostbusters-0050 050-Good-09 Ghostbusters-0050 051-Inside-03 Ghostbusters-0050 051-Inside-04 Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0010-Box-01 Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0028 Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0033 Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0034 Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0037-Roof Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0050-Good-01 Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0050-Good-02 Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0050-Good-03 Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0050-Good-04 Monkey-Mobile-1-25th-Scale-0050-Good-06 Six-Good-0018 Six-Good-0020

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  1. Sho Ebata Sho Ebata

    6 models over the break ????!!!!! You are no longer a fast builder, but a Speed Racer !!!
    Arrested for speeding !! ^o^

    Seriously, I only worked on one model (single aisle commercial jet with a one-man bubble on top), and still working on it after the break.

  2. Jeff S. Jeff S.

    You are the man! I really enjoy your builds, because you seem to have so much fun with them. It may sound corny but I get inspiration from your enthusiasm. Keep it up. Regards Jeff S.

  3. Hello, I am working on the Delorean and the Ghostbusters one.

    Is there a possibility that you could sent me the images of the decals of both. I have been looking around and I can not find them. I would appreciate it a lot.



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