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Steam Roller Blues Baby in 1/25th

By Mr. Orange: John DeRosia

Steam Roller Blues Baby

Having had an interest in construction vehicles from my earliest modeling day- time to add another one to my growing ‘Orange fleet.’

Can’t find many construction models so you could a) scratch build one, or 2) make any toy vehicle into a ‘model’.

Oh Brother!! Oops!…I mean Oh Bruder!!!

Bruder Toys: Fantastic working toys made in Germany. I think most everything they make is in 1/16th scale. They have an absolutely incredible line of construction vehicles. Designed for kids – and to be fair and warn you – they are made almost indestructible!!!!!

How do I know this? To create a ‘model’ out of them, I take them totally apart. And I mean all the way!! Prepare yourself to go through at least 4 boxes of Band-Aids and 2 trips to the emergency room!! Okay maybe 1 trip.

I have bought a few other Bruder toys for my ‘stash’ and typically I go months before touching them because they scare the bee-jee-bees out of me knowing I have to take them apart. (By the way- most Bruder’s are cheaper than your average model!!!!)

Okay- maybe it isn’t all that bad…….or?

The convert them, one of the biggest things is to redo the seats from 1/16th to 1/25th so they can fit into the orange fleet I have. I also typically add rails in 1/25th and make my own decals of course.

The only other thing to take notice of is all of their vehicles are made of ABS Plastic. (Come on superman- dare you to try to break a Bruder!).

Regular styrene model cement will not work on them. Use some cement that works on ABS plastic (like Plastruct). The good thing is you can use that glue to cement ABS and styrene together. Great stuff for model add ons.

Oh—I also always use cheap white primer when the modifications are done prior to painting.

These pictures are of the ‘Steam Roller Blues’ in works….



By the way- seems like I am using an outdated name “steam roller”. For modern politically correct names, it should really be:

Steam Roller (old) = dual horizontal paving wheeled hydraulically powered independent axle semi super heavy liquid cooled fully automatic category 5 safety individually controlled pavement flattening and crushing and smoothing mechanism (new)……

No problem- give me until 97 to memorize that…….LOL!!!

Dare you to say that 10 times REAL FAST!


You may click on any picture to enlarge it.


More update pics through Nov 11, 2017:

Here is a fast movie of the Steam roller made by Ultra cheap Production Studios. enjoy:

Steam Roller: 54 Seconds


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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    This one will only ”show itself in the next steps – going to really enjoy seeing how it morphs into the final phase.

    Another master pieces in creation.

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Once again The Orange Master strikes ! John the weathering and that down scaled cab area really is amazing. Took me a good 15 min to get a close look at the detailing. I think posting it on the Bruder Webpage will definitely secure you a cushy retirement gig as their technical designer / adviser for the 2018-2019 range. The steering wheel and the seat definitely makes its own statement.

    Attached image:

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