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2018 Model-Fy – Use Any Kit Boat/Ship Hull to make a ‘What-If’

By “Mr. Orange” John DeRosia

The challenge for the 2018 Seattle IPMS model contest in the ‘Model-Fy’ category is to take any boat hull from any kit and make it into another ‘what-if’!! Always fun to kick the imagination into gear.

Using my feeble old orange brain I decided to use two boat hulls and Model-fy them to be the transport boat for a new undersea exploration vehicle in ‘close to shore’ waters in the rivers and ocean.

The boat hulls from Lindberg are in 1/285th scale and the submersible kit is in 1/48th scale. Being my orange fleet is all in 1/25 – its easy to convert them to fit the scale. The cabin house will be fit to the fleet scale- and the only thing really needed on the submersible is a seat inside the bubble at 1/25th.

Here are the beginning pictures of the project.



You may click on any picture to see them enlarged.

It all started with a sketch…and a little deviation from there….

Some more progress pics below ending the week of November 11.

Here are a few more pictures of progress ending on Nov 19, 2017:


A few more pics through Nov 28, 2017:


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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John the use of the LST Hulls are a great idea. Are you going to represent the ”hull closures” as your fuel cells?

    Now that Triton is definitely something cool……………never knew it existed ! Probably due for release in Africa in 2025 !

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Hope my Nautical bits will arrive in time be of possible use use to you with your Super Project?

    Attached image:

  3. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    OK ! John you definitely got me on this one ? I thought I was in tune with what your plan was , until you threw me a curve ball with the presentation of the ”Cradle” ?
    I am now expecting the next surprise is the actual wheel house deck ? I want what you are eating for breakfast my friend. You did this when you built the Mad Max Postal DV and again when you turned the pistol into a submersible. I am have already booked my V.I.P. seat and stocked up on snacks for the finale Show & Tell.

    Attached image:

  4. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Nice to see your Solution on the Deck house ! Must admit it makes a big difference.

    Maybe your larger deck house can be used on the Amphibious Trimaran R-UAV Carrier you have planned for the Florida Everglades Albino Alligator Population Survey Vessel Project in 2018. !

    Attached image:

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