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Scale Ship Comparisons

 One cool thing we always like about models is that we can compare one vehicle of the same scale to another. So is the case in point of ships. I built the Revell 1/1200th scale Queen Mary 2 and the Aida German cruise ship not too long ago. Then Revell came out with the 1/1200th USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. Awesome!!! Always love the real pics of the QM2. Oh she is grand for sure. But even the best of research and articles still do not do justice until you either see the real objects next to each other- or in the case of models- an even better ‘reality’ check for next to $$$ nothing. So- here are the 3 ships next to each other. The carrier is still in works to add the airplanes – but the QM2 definately is HUGE!!!!!! I wonder if the Navy has all the entertainment for the sailors and pilots like they offer the passengers on the QM2. You’ll have to do that research….let me know…..

USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0050 002-w-QM2-Aida-s   USS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0050 003-w-QM2-Aida-sUSS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0050 008-w-QM2-Aida-top-sUSS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0050 006-w-QM2-Aida-top-sUSS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0050 006-w-QM2-Aida-top-ssUSS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0050 005-w-QM2-Aida-top-sUSS-Nimitz-1-1200th-Scale-Sept-2015-0050 004-w-QM2-Aida-top-s

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