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Modeling fun for the Galaxy Mad Max Sept 26th SciFi Show

What a fantastic show at Gallaxy Hobby Saturday Sept 26th, 2015. Tons of entries and some incredible models. I hope to finalize the pics I took and submit them to the IPMS Seattle site for showing the pics since many members of all clubs were represented there. Here is one pic of just the vehicles entered…..

Galaxy-Hobby-Sci-fi-Sept-26-2015-0020 116s

Just a fast update and progress. Two in progress pics…..  but am progressing nicely. Should be done by this weekend (Sept 19-20).

Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0042 038-Goods

Here is the beginning of my mad dash to get a Mad Max built for the show……stay tuned…..for  updates as the model is comepleted……

Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0020 003s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0020 010s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0020 014s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0020 018s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0024 004s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0027s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0031s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0034 001s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0034 004s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0034 009s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0034 011s Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0034 016s

And here is the completed Mad Max Postal Delivery Vehicle……

Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0090-Description Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0100-Combi-05 Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0100-Combi-06 Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0100-Combi-07 Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0100-Combi-08 Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0150-Combi-01 Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0150-Combi-02 Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0150-Combi-03 Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0150-Combi-04 Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0150-Combi-05 Mad-Max-1-25th-Saprt-2015-0150-Combi-06


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  1. John Kaylor John Kaylor

    Mad Dash for Mad Max! I see how you did that! Very Funny!

    Hey – Cool modeling! Can’t wait to see what it is!

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