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Paper Power

What would we do without the internet, simple graphics programs like PAINT and printers.

So wondering how to ‘’fill’’ the machine shop van in back of the Kenworth. I scaled a simple tool box to 1/25th and printed it as a test run. I think this will work great. Once the top of the van is glued on – it will look full with toolboxes, stuff on the shelves etc.

When I complete the final toolboxes and shelf items- I’ll print it on card stock to make it sturdier and easy to glue.

Keep modeling!!!!….or drooling at the great stuff out there…..


Kenworth-Machine-Shop-1-25th-USGS-0063-Combi-01 Kenworth-Machine-Shop-1-25th-USGS-0063-Combi-02 Kenworth-Machine-Shop-1-25th-USGS-0063-Combi-03

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