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High Gloss Clear Coat

How often have you wanted a really good high glass clear coat on a model and been disappointed with the results??? Testors Glosscoat is not the best and is more like a matte finish. The Acryl version isn’t much better. Future Floor Wax gives a good glass but will yellow with age. Testors ‘Wet Look’ clear gloss is good but hard to find. But after some experimentation I have found a very acceptable high gloss clear coat. It is made by Minwax and there is flat, semi-gloss and gloss options in their polyurethane product line. All go on very smooth and crystal clear. Sold both in standard pint and quart cans and spray. I use the spray with great results. It comes with the fan type nozzle for very even coverage. It does take more time to dry but it is worth it. I usually let mine set for at least 24 hours before handling. Available at Wal-Mart and most hardware and home improvement stores. Both cars shown here had the clear coat sprayed on them.

DSC_0273 General Lee a Polyurethane

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  1. John DeRosia John DeRosia

    Mark – wow- that was a fast article since we talked a few days ago. Love it. Because of you, I did use this product on my 747-400 for the Museum of Flight project. what a shine. This litle tip will make lots of modelers happy wanting a real good gloss coat with about zero prep other than masking windows etc if needed.

  2. Mark, how thick does it lay down? I found that – to get a proper gloss surface for pin washes or decals – I need multiple coats of whatever I have, and that tends to smother the surface details…

    • Mark Andrews Mark Andrews

      I can use just one coat usually. It goes on fairly thick but does not hide detail. Both vehicles in the photos have just one coat.

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