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AMT’s Re-Release of the 1/25th Scale D8 Caterpillar Bulldozer May 2018

AMT’s Re-Release of the 1/25th Scale D8 Caterpillar Bulldozer

I get it. I NEVER had Tonka toys growing up so the next best thing now in my life is construction equipment models. That’s why I had to have this kit again.

I built one about 30+ years ago. No kidding. Back when they probably first came out. It’s somewhere downstairs in the basement. But I will not look for it until I complete this one I just bought. The current price is in the mid $30s. And they are becoming hard to find already since their release in May 2018. The parts have hardly any flash to boot. Most are crisp out of the mold.

It all looks the same with the exception of the decals. Better decals and such for sure. I’m building this one pretty much ‘out-of-the-box’, except I’m adding little things here and there. Nothing major.

The main blade in front has some pins molded on the blade arms, but I found right off that they could easily break. I cut them off and added drilled out holes and nice brass wire for strength.

Also – the main track bogies on both sides are a challenge. Unlike typical tank wheels (only the side of the hull to glue the arms / wheels to) – on this CAT, you have to squeeze nine (9) wheels (large and small) together between two frames. How I did this when I was younger may be one of the greatest mysteries of all time along with the Bermuda Triangle. I tried 3 times the other night and said “THAT’s IT!!”.

So I did what any sane modeler would do. I glued the wheels to one side of one frame, then aligned them as needed to the other side into their frame slots. Listen – I’m beyond wanting to play with models so I did not care if they ever turned again or not.

A lot of the parts do not have locating pins – so I encountered a lot of ‘user error’ enroute. Yikes! But- typically the liquid glue gives you lots of time to align the parts as needed.

Have fun as you keep building and lets play in the sandbox on Saturday…..I’ll bring the CAT!!

(Note: You may click on any picture to make it full size. Also a short movie on the very bottom)

More pictures to follow!

More progress pictures from the last few weeks (End of June through mid July):

…and some more progress pics thru July 25, 2018:

A few more updates – early August 2018:

ALMOST THERE—MINUTES LEFT to complete the project: August 10, 2018

What a fun rewarding project. What are you waiting for? Get started on a ‘cool’ project and let your mind go bonkers. Finally completed this project.

Movie: 2 min 17 sec





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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Nice to see the little extras being added. I notice that AMT has copied your Decal sheets ? What I find really amazing is the color transformation…………….YELLOW-WHITE-BACK TO YELLOW Now that is very interesting. Are we going to see just a wee spot of Orange on this Cat to represent the move from Orange to Yellow. Seeing that you are making such a drastic change this year does that mean we get to see some figures ? LOL……

    • John DeRosia John DeRosia

      Herman – i think new figures are in order as is a new type of signature thing like the crackers in all the orange vehicles. Not sure yet what that will be. I am sure you will see some orange on the yellow – or maybe blue??

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John really awesome finish on the dozer blade ! What did you use to get that to shine like that ?

    • John DeRosia John DeRosia

      Herman – would you believe that is only silver from a cheap spray can. Still have to weather it of course.

  3. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John a note to yourself. ”Build New low bed to accommodate all the unused Peterbilt [crated] engines in the stash box.”

  4. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John I am really excited to see you have done some super detailing on the Cat engine ! Something off the subject ! Did you enjoy Molly’s Game ? Also did you wear those July 4th Lit glasses ?
    Ok, back to the build , that trailer is really awesome , liked the Bridge work & the planking . I noticed you also like using real wood & wood varnishes and not the modeling paints some guys use to try to create realistic wood out of plastic card. Never understood that or frankly definitely don’t have those type of artistic skills. Looking great so far and kudus to the new ”Orange” !

  5. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Just been re-looking at some of the pics , that caterbilt will make a great snowplow Build with some monster tyres. Or even a Half-tract. Imagine that ! Peterbilt halftrack.

  6. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John this turned out to be a really large unit , takes up almost the entire table length.

    That Dozer Blade is still the best for me.

    Liked the rubber band ”hoses” nice idea.
    I noticed there are no spotlights on front or rear of the Dozer ? Guess no night work ?
    Still amazed how long the trailer is. Some really great engineering by the ”builder”.

  7. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Nice to see when a plan comes together. Luv the cab roof lights and radar, also the lights for the Cat. Really nice finish with great weathering. Watched your up close video on youtube.

    I bow to your superior modelling skills my friend.

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