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1/25th Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), Cradle and Tow Tractor

1/25th Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), Cradle and Tow Tractor

By John DeRosia

Bouy!!!!!! … I glad it is done finally!! – completed this Sunday May 6, 2018. I think I spent more time on the cradle and accessories than on the other two vehicles.

Someone suggested (I refuse to mention names Herman!) – that I add wheels to the cradle so when it is off the ship at the port- the tow tractor can wheel it around…..and yes – the tow tractor is happy it has a load. Makes sense. But making the removable wheel dollies AFTER the project took some imagination. Trust me- they are also removable and have safety pins.

Then when I added a few more doo-hickeys (sorry for the nautical term) – I realized at the last minute- how will the dock workers get up on the cradle to do some AUV maintenance? GggggRRRRRR!!

The first wire ladders (they did not look good) went to Pluto – and then I made two out of mostly styrene. After trying two different ways to make red-safety stripes on the ladder handles- I settled for good old red thread!

Click on any picture to see it larger and enjoy the ‘show’.

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  1. Dave Dave

    The weight of the tractor equals the weight of an M-16 WW2 half track with a loaded trailer in tow.

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John you do realize that you are missing four more adjustable wheels for the ladders plus a storage rack on the cradle for the ladders. SMILY………….!

    Looks absolutely fantastic, I do rate this build in the top fifty of your growing collection !!!!! LOL….
    Whenever I see the final touches to these amazing creations, makes me think that you build them just to get to the decor part at the end, The finishes make a grand statement and shows your absolute undenyable luv for the hobby !
    PS. Now lets see if it sinks as per the design specs ?

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