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ALF Cab and Loader

This truck came about from seeing these two wrecked vehicles for sale at a used truck lot in Wyoming. The back of the American LaFrance pumper was demolished by another truck from the rear. The Ford race car hauler cab was destroyed when a race car at a local event came sailing through the air directly landing on the cab. No one was hurt in both instances. Only $6000 was spent on both wrecked vehicles. JTSS had just acquired a new Komodo K4 front end loader and needed a transport for it. JTSS got the idea to combine both vehicles and thus this rig was born. A little over $53,000 was put into the upgrading and modernizing of this rig – along with a new Caterpillar diesel and automatic transmission. Slight modifications of the race car ramp allows the 6 ton Komodo K4 to get on and off easily.

Please note: you may click on any picture to increase the size.

There is also a short movie at the end for you.

ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0117 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0118 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0119 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0120 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0121 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0122 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0123 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0124 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0125 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0126 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0127 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0128 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0129 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0130 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0131 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0132 ALF-Front-End-Loader-JTSS-1-24th-0133

Please note: Youtube allows pop-ups over the videos. Their doing. Some are ‘trashy’. Just click “x” to remove them.

Here is a short video of the truck:




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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John this build really turned out well. took a while to get to the finish line – But definitely worth the wait.
    Specifically your loader [bucket] weathering stands out.
    The chains and the rest of the dirt-weathering looks the part.
    What definitely gets my attention is all the finier details , especially reading all the decals, not to mention the detailing on the rims………………there is just no end to all of it.
    How I would luv to see these beauties in person. [ONE DAY]
    For those onlookers who never saw the ”process” I feel sorry for what they missed.

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John, you are in a class all of your own……………..!

    thanks for the great music in the video. [and the background humming………….did I see the camera jump a bit ………with you bopping in the background ?
    bit short……………next time let it run until the song is finnished please !

  3. ipmsadmin ipmsadmin


    …and the class he is in IS COMPLETELY ORANGE!!

    And now AC/DC is looking for ROYALTIES! What was he THINKING?! He should have chosen a band starving for attention – like Hall and Oates! 😉

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