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The Blues Brothers – Jake and Elwood – in 1 / 25th Scale

By John Egnaro (DeRoia)

(Note- click on any picture to make it larger)

Here’s a story that started with Jake. I got out my dump trailer kit I have had for a long time. No reason – just saw it on one of my storage shelves and said- ‘hey- I’ll build this!’.

The dump triple axel trailer can be built straight out of the box – or they give you instructions to cut it short and make a ‘regular’ dump truck out of it. What’s cool is – they also give you the front of a dump should you cut your longer trailer in half. That’s how Elwood was born.

Also- I used two 1/25th scale Revell ‘Snap-kits’ for the trucks. They make the Peterbilt and Kenworth in the same scale. I don’t care what anyone says- these are superb kits for around $25.00. They both have sleepers but can easily be cut off to make other versions of the trucks. You will see that in the pictures.

I had blue left over from the first truck / dump trailer so I used that also on the second.

I used ‘For Sale’ styrene sheet for the second dump body. Some of you know- I love the ‘For sale’ plastic. It’s cheap and can be easily cut with scissors.

I AM NOT DONE yet with the two Blues Brothers- but here are progress pics to date.


Here’s JAKE….

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 003-Box-01-March-2016

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 003-Box-02-March-2016

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 003-Box-03

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 009

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 014

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 015

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 024

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 025

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 029s

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 032 017

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 034 015

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 034 025

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 034 028 017-Dogs-s

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 034 028 023

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 034 028 031-Dash-Boards-s

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 034 028 037

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 034 028 050

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 040 003 Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 040 013 Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 040 017 Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 040 018 Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 046 011

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 048-combo-03 Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 048-combo-04 Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 050 007-Good Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 050 009-Good Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 050 013-Good

Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 050 029 Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 050 038 Dump-Trailer-Peterbilt-1-25th-0020 052 001

Here’s ELWOOD…..

DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0022-June-2016s DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0026 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0027 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0028 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0032




DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0041 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0048 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 002

DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 009-Good DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 019 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 025 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 011 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 017

DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 025-Jake-Elwood DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 026 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 032 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 034 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 035

DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 036

DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 037

DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 030 038


Here are the final pictures and videos of the ‘Blues Brothers’ trucks:

DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 035s DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 039 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 044 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 045 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 051 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 066 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 069 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 072 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 073 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 074 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 084 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 085 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 087 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 088 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 090 DumpBed-Custom-Peterbilt-1-25th-0050 044 091



Please note: Youtube allows pop-ups over the videos at different times. Their doing. Some are ‘trashy’. Just click “x” to remove them.



That’s all folks.

No live rocks were hurt in this project!!













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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    I just hate it when you get to the best part and you see the ”To be continued”………GGrrr .

    John this was a really great ”read” nice to see something new [Color] Your Cut & Dice builds are a pleasure to watch. ”Nothing extreme” about dismembering a truck and creating something totally awesome when done.
    Nice trailer filler ideas………….I gather that must have taken all your negotiating skills to get Annie to part with her kitty-litter. Luv the cab detailing.


  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Your new video stylin’ with the cool music gives the presentation a nice touch.
    Now you need ot invest in a potters-wheeel so you can use your foot to turn the table !

    This completion of the build of the Blue twins must have made you such a proud ”model-Daddy” !
    Doubly awesome all in one.
    All that is missing is a small Blue pickup with appropriate Company Logo as the pilot/traffic management support vehicle.

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