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Super-Fast Vehicle Windows

No!! – this does not apply to all models you may be working on. Some of you go to your local glass company to get all those 1/350th scale windows on your model. I am not that insane…..yet!….….Okay- got that out of the way…..LOL!….would you crack a smile please…..

In many model applications and many scales – you do not need to see through the windows. Case in point – this 1/25th camper I am adding to a Revell Ford pick-up.

The camper came from a die-cast. It is injection molded and styrene. Very crisp molding I might add. However – everything on this shell is molded. So there is a need to either do 7 years of masking – or doing hand painting which for me is the easier route.

Once I did the basic black stripes and the windows and access doors in aluminum – I know I did not want to paint all the windows on every side gloss black. Toooooo much work! Yikes!

So I thought I would use a glossy black paper. I happened to chance upon a black ‘card stock’ thick glossy paper for about $2.00. You can also use just about anything glossy and in any color should you decide to. Those cheap folders kids use for school papers are also about the perfect thickness and are easy to cut and have many colors on the covers.

Like an amateur home builder- I measured once, cut and then saw I needed to measure it again!! GGgrrrrrGGrrRRRR!! Lessons learned!

Anyway – it only took me only about 30 minutes to add ALL windows to the camper with super-glue. Lots more black stripe touch up yet to do, lights, weathering etc. But for me- the hardest part is signed-sealed-delivered!!!

Now can you ‘see’ what I am saying about model glass?????


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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John that is a real super idea/solution. Something to add to my HOW-TO Folder.

    Must say I luv the tyres !
    Speaking about nice Tyres ?

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