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Model Nightmares

So having the sinus stuff and taking medicines and taking naps (required) when you don’t feel good, I had the worst possible dream ever the other day.

Seems we are already at the April 2016 model show (hey- don’t blame me- it’s a dream!!) – but rumors were they had to close the model hall for 3 hours while a super special guest arrived and no one was allowed to see him/her. WT????

So one of our Seattle guys was allowed to escort said special guest in and explain the models etc. My dream never showed who the Seattle guy was.

Of course, I had my whole fleet of orange vehicles on display like I have been doing for a few years. I did not enter or show anything else. Just orange.

While waiting outside the closed doors- rumors began circulating that this special guest was so happy and inspired by all the models except one category. We were all so intense wondering what category it could be. (anther dream thingy- ‘we’ were all there- but I never saw one other person!!—-yet it was so crowded outside in the hall)  

Finally- said guest somehow departed and went on his/her merry way. But. we never saw how he/she left etc. (This is called ‘lack of enough dream detail’.)

As we all went back into the display hall, our Seattle person had to hide behind the door so we were not ever able to see who it was that escorted special person. But our Seattle person was so loud and talkative about forever eliminating the one category this special person absolutely hated.

Having watched Colombo I guess- I was able to whisper through the key hole of the door (yet I never saw the keyhole in my dream!!)…..”What category didn’t the special guest like?”. and the answer was “….all those what-if Orange vehicles!!! It upset the guest so much- they almost had to call an ambulance”.

OMG, I was devastated…..but before the keyhole closed – I was able to ask one last question. “Can you tell me who the special guest was”….to which I was told “Tom Cruise”…….AAAAAaahaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaa!!!!!!.

The dream advances to where the IPMS USA told the IPMS Seattle- to never allow any what-if orange vehicles ever. OMG. I was devastated. Seems the IPMS had millions of calls, emails and letters saying the orange vehicles gave the IPMS the world over a bad name and reputation.

I immediately took all my orange fleet and threw one model for every car that drove by our house- a pick-up to be exact (that’s called super duper dream detail’)…into the bed of the truck. Somehow- only pick-ups seemed to drive by our house.

I then ran down to the local store and bought some simple rectangular LEGO’s to start my modeling career all over again……I will show them!!!

Then I woke up….sat frozen for a few minutes…you know how certain dreams do that…..and wondered….”what in the heck was that all about?????”………………

I assume the moral of this dream is if you have bad sinus- just stop breathing and die…..better than real scary dreams perhaps!




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  1. JTK JTK

    Well, Tom Cruise is a thoughtless jerk! How could he even THINK of popping into one of your dreams and spouting off like that! The NERVE!

    I call for a boycott of Tom Cruise films…

    Unless Top Gun 2 comes out, then you’re on your own, John – I gotta see that one!

    …All the jets… “we are WAY low on gas, Mav’!”… and Cruise saying that they won’t do 2 unless they fly real jets, that CGI won’t do. That’s a cool stance to take, even if he doesn’t like orange models.

    I think he owes you an apology… just a phone call, now c’mon, we don’t expect him to fly up here, although that WOULD be an over-the-top way to make amends..

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