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1/25th Scale High Intensity Light Platform Truck

(Please note: you may click on the pictures for a larger image.)

And another one for the J and T Specialists Seattle vehicles fleet.

This is number 40 in the ‘Orange Fleet’ series of vehicles. I’ve had the American LaFrance snorkel tower kit for a while now. But I wanted to actually built it not as a fire truck. What to use it for? A light bulb went off this weekend after the April 9th Seattle IPMS meeting. The project job sites need a high platform to cast high intensity lights for the workers below. (of course at night- what are you thinking?…LOL!!)

And so this was born. It took me a while to go through my truck stash to settle on using the Ford cab for the front end.

So far- the conversion has been straight forward. Stretching the frame was easy. I did my usual use of Evergreen Styrene shapes to do the stretch and create the tie down (glue?) places the cab would sit at.

This will be the ‘highest’ model I have ever built when the snorkel boom is in its fully extended up position. About 3 feet. Wow!!! So a bit of work ahead to make it so the hydraulics keep the boom in the upright position – or using some other voodoo magic. Lastly- this is sort of screaming for me to MAYBE actually use batter operated lights……..we’ll see!

Here are pics of a few days work so far…..Enjoy!

ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0010-Box-01-April-2016

ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0032 009 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0032 012 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0032 014 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0032 016-02 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 007-Combi

ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 011-02 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 013 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 014 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 019 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 055-02 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 056-02 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 056-04 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 059 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 063-02 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 065 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 070 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 071 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 072

ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 073 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 077 ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0033 080

A few more updates:

Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0035 024-Hydraulics-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0035 025-Generator-Cover-01s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0035 027s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0037s

Some weekend updates- Orange Marmalade has been started: (04-17-2016)

Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0038 026-Engine-02 Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0038 032-Both Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0039 021-Orange-Cab Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0039 026 Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0039 043-Orange-Frame-Start-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0040-Both 001-Orange-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0040-Both 003-Orange Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0040-Both 008-Orange Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0040-Both 009-Orange Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0040-Both 010-Orange

Some more progress pics ending on 04-26-2016:

Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0068s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0074s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0076s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0082s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0083-Goods


And some more updates for the first week in July 2016:

Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0090 010-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0090 011-Stops-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0092-Hydraulics 007-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0094-Cab-Antlers-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0095-Box-of-Crackers-03-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0098 001-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0098 003-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0098 007-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0100 002-Wiring-s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0102 006s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0102 010s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0102 011s Ford-ALF-1-25th Snorkel-0102 017


Finally – am on the downhill run to complete this.

Stopped July 2016 – resumed Feb 2017:


Completed – Feb 7th, 2017. Just a few touch-ups. ended up with 10 working joints/pivots. Easy to turn lights on / off. Enjoy:


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  1. Mark Andrews Mark Andrews

    This is going to look fantastic!!!! Can’t wait to see it finished. Working lights would be incredible!

  2. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Now we are talking !……………….Like the mods ………………….I thought you were going ot leave off the basket and create LED SPOTLIGHTS along the entire length of the boom ?
    Going to need a serious generator for this lot. See e-mail

    Are we going to see you get to number 50 in 2016 with a major show and celebration. Ticker tape parade through downtown Seattle.

  3. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Nothing like the smell of fresh ”Marmelade” to help relax after a hard day at the office…….

    Color on always makes the model come to life

  4. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    John something to go with your Orange marmelade

    Attached image:

  5. ipmsadmin ipmsadmin

    Jeepers, John – cool project!

    Only three complaints:
    – One is that your left hand is ALWAYS in the shots, HAMMING it up! What’s the deal with the right one?!?!
    – When do we get to see VIDEO of the HYDRAULICS?!?!
    – I had to change rules for the blog so posts over a YEAR OLD can have comments!
    C’mon, man – pick up the pace! (this coming from the guy who builds an average of 0.003242545 models per decade!)

    Amazing build, as usual! Can’t wait to see the hydraulics, the basket with the lights is awesome, and the Legion of Boom boom is just amazing! Good work!

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