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1970 Pontiac USGS Texas Pick-Up Truck

1970 Pontiac

This Pontiac ‘Pick-Up’- located in Houston, Texas is used by the United States Geological Society (USGS) to deliver equipment packages to work sites in the area. This was in the era before ‘overnight deliveries’ was an everyday occurrence. The seismic work sights always need restocking and new parts for equipment in use daily.

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There is a video link at thee nd of this article.

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Video Link: (1 :19 min)




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  1. Herman Moore Herman Moore

    Pleasant surprise , with this beauty. Really cool Load on the bed. John I think it is time you rope in the ”Family” Scratch build a treadmill or two for the Pets to assist with your Cine-turntable. Then we can start getting some commentary on the subject or or at least some cool earth moving tunes with the presentation.
    But seriously , a pleasant subject to add to the ever growing collection.

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