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Scale Resin Engines from Vector via UltraCast


Picture 1/32 P&W R-2800 A/B (early)
1/32 P&W R-2800 A/B (early)



UltraCast has an incredible P&W R-2800 engine in 1/32, that turns out to be from Vector.

Apparently UltraCast is a VAR (Value-Added Reseller) for Vector, and as Vector apparently does not have a website of their own, this makes it much easier for modelers to acquire their amazingly detailed castings. also sells the P&W R-2800 engine.



 sells Vector parts, but apparently does not carry the P&W R-2800, although they do carry this highly-detailed P-51B wheel well assembly.

P-51B Wheel Well
P-51B Wheel Well
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