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Grilled – NOT – Fried

Technology has so many positive attributes. Of course- to the model world- lots of ways to help projects from 3D printing to lights to making decals.

STOP painting all grills if you are a car or truck enthusiast. Of course- this doesn’t work for all model vehicles. However- where it does- see the results.

I just was not getting the results of ‘black-washing ‘ the grills to get that real look of depth. What to do?

Then it dawned on me (and it was till night time to boot). I looked high and low, then found the almost perfect straight on shot of several truck grills on the internet. I picked the best- slightly modified the grill lines and made them to fit 1/24th-1/25th scale truck grills.

I had them printed on ‘glossy thin flyer paper’ at the local print shop (less than $1.00 per sheet). I measured the depth and width I needed, cut the grill paper ‘decal’, outlined the edges with a black marker – and voila- see the pictures for the results. Super glue secures the grill paper to the plastic grill.

I have also successfully done this now on a model pick-up truck and it looks fantastic. By the way – I am happy to send you an electronic copy of the grills anytime you would like one!

So- stop by anytime at the house for a grill- but please bring the burgers……yum…yum…

(Note- you may click on any picture to expand the size)


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