IPMS-Seattle Membership Modeling Projects


This page is the home of IPMS-Seattle Membership's "projects". Projects can be such things as 'scratch-built' or 'kit-bashed' models, or 'group-builds' of models, models built around a theme, or models built for a particular event, or detailed 'in-progress builds.'

This section helps IPMS-Seattle to highlight and promote the modeling projects of our membership, allows membership to demonstrate techniques, and showcase special and collaborative modeling projects.

Hawker Typhoon - Eric Christianson

Wright Flyer - Scott Kruize

British Mark.IV C Light Tank - Jeff Smith

Destroyer Escort - John DeRosia

Landing Craft - John DeRosia

Flying Mule - John DeRosia

The Green Hornet - John DeRosia

The Orange Pumpkin - John DeRosia

Geological Survey - John DeRosia

"The Geological Survey" - (YouTube video) - John DeRosia

Gemini Space Capsule Transportation - John DeRosia