Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks

Making Realistic Bamboo

by Bill Huffman

I made the first bamboo out of .040" (1.0 mm) styrene rod for the gate, but the bike-generator stand I made from stretched sprue from the bike kit.

After stretching the sprue SLOWLY, to get a consistant-ish thickness, I cut it into short sections, (1/8-3/16th”) then with a soldering iron on low temp setting, I melted the end of each section to get the bamboo section look, then glued the little sections together to make various lengths of completed bamboo poles.

I hang the clothespins over the edge of a bench riser and attach new pieces to the bottom. ex. I prime the bottom, and the new piece, wait a few seconds then hang it to the bottom. Once they are to the length I want, (for me 6 sections) I let them cure for 15 minutes, then "paint" them with more Tamiya extra thin cement. Let them cure overnight before painting.

Painting the bamboo - black Vallejo Primer, (73.602) then dry brush with Olive Drab faded 2 (MMP-021) and finally Desert Yellow ( XF-59).

Bill Huffman
IPMS Seattle