Annual Spring Show

Spring Show 2023

Jeeps: Group Build or Modelfy

by Morgan Girling

The 2023 Spring Show Special Project category will feature a “two in one” Jeep contest!  One portion of the category will be “The Jeep Classic” build, focusing on replicating actual Jeeps.  The other portion of the category is “Modelfy” which will feature Jeeps that will transport your Jeep build to any place you want to take it in time or space.  You are welcome to participate either or both categories in the Jeep Special project.  Additional comments below will provide further details.

The Jeep Classic

The IPMS Seattle Group Build is as simple as the subject: a Jeep. Even if it isn’t your genre, it’s useful “set dressing” to have in your collection and it’s small enough to not worry about the space it takes up. Pick your scale, pick your kit, pick your scenario, and add any adaptations if desired, and paint scheme. It can be straight-shootin’ military example, a military conversion, a swords-to-plowshares conversion, a civilian conversion like a Jeepney, whatever. It does have to start from a classic wartime jeep (Willys MB, Ford GPW or GPA from WWII or a M151 from Korea and Vietnam), and the resulting model is still a jeep. Judging will be at the 2022 Spring Show, so you have plenty of time to craft your masterpiece.


What’s a “Modelfy”? Glad you asked! Start with a base kit (more on that in a moment) and make something completely different from it, using one or more parts from the base kit. Some examples from the past include a pair of sharks derived from a P-38, a submersible created from a Camaro, and a tasty lobster dish from a Merkava tank. I’ve heard rumors of antigravity jeeps, but don’t stop there, how about a “Jeep Carrier”, the Starship EnterJeep, or a Drama Dairy? So what’s the base kit? As with the Jeep Classic, your Modelfy entry must start from a classic wartime jeep (Willys MB, Ford GPW or GPA from WWII or a M151 from Korea and Vietnam), and as mentioned above, must have at least one part that is recognizable from the original kit.

Annual Spring Show

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