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PlusModel French Rucksack

by Eric Christianson

thumbnail Model: French Rucksack
Reviewed by: Eric Christianson
IPMS #: 42218
Scale: 1/35
Company: PlusModel
Price: $16.99
Product/Stock #: 483
Website: Plus Models
Product Web Page: View
Product provided by: Plus Model


Plus Model out of Czechoslovakia continues to add to its list of quality aftermarket and modeling supply products; this time with a package of French infantry rucksack items – perfect for a diorama, or even amongst a pile of detritus found in the back of an armored vehicle.


The package contains a variety of items, but what they are specifically is not called out. These include:

  • Four fully packed rucksacks, two containing a mess kit, tent half, and blanket, and two containing what (could be) a land mine.
  • One large metal trunk.
  • One large folded tent or other kind of shelter.
  • Once long canvas sack that may could contain the hardware for the tent above.
  • Two French helmets and two hard-brimmed caps.
  • Four backpacks, two with canteens.
  • Two separate canteens with cups.
  • Four ammunition cases and two binocular cases.
  • Two buckets and a separate serving cups.

After spraying everything with a primer coat of (rattlecan) Krylon Flat Black Lacquer Paint/Primer, I finished all items using Vallejo paints, including:

  • Rucksacks: 71.096 Panzer Olive (canvas), 312 Leather Belt (straps/shoes), 70865 Oily Steel (pails), 339 Highlight
  • German II Field Grau (blankets behind the ‘mines’), and I rubbed the mess kits with Uschi Chrome Metal Polishing
  • Powder using a pointed artist’s blender directly over the primer.
  • Trunk: Rubbed Uschi Chrome powder directly over the primer.
  • Folded Tent, Long Canvas Bag and two Backpacks: 71.096 Panzer Olive (canvas), 312 Leather Belt (straps).
  • French Helmets: Rubbed Uschi Chrome powder directly over the primer.
  • French Hard-Brimmed Caps: 336 Afrika Corps Tank Crew
  • Ammunition Cases: 71.040 Burnt Sienna
  • Binocular cases: Rubbed Uschi Chrome powder directly over the primer.

Plus Models’ French Rucksack is an interesting addition to the variety of after-market diorama accessories available from this productive company out of Czechoslovakia. The detail on the various items is up to their normal excellent standard, and the items themselves are sturdy and well crafted.

My only wish is the same that I want from every resin manufacturer: find a way to removing the parts from the backing blocks easier.

I recommend this Plus Model product for any modeler who wants to add a little realism to their work with quality after-market products. The items included are unusual, and with a little work, will look great.

I would like to thank the Plus Model for providing this product for review, and to IPMS USA for giving me the opportunity to review it.


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