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Review MPC (Round 2) 1/25 General Lee

This is my first post on this blog so be patient as I learn all this!

As we all know, all of the licenses to produce the Dukes of Hazzard models kit will expire in December, and Warner Brothers/Universal will not renew them. So if you can find any of the kits you should snap them up. This is a quick review of the General Lee kit.

I wanted to get a General Lee kit so I can have the most iconic car in my collection from all of TV. This was a straight out of the box build. Unfortunately the mold is showing its age and many of the parts don’t fit too well. I built the engine to plug up the hole under the frame just in case somebody looked under there. The hood is glued closed. I built the interior according to the instructions and painted it a dark tan. I used The Detailer black wash to add some depth. Closest thing I had to what the car actually had. The body is Competition Orange from the Testors spray can. This was applied over a good primer coat. I used a Testors silver paint pen to trace the chrome trim parts around the windows. After the paint dried I applied the decals with a bit of solvent to keep them smooth. The clear coats are Minwax Polyurethane Gloss Clear from the spray can. This provides a very high gloss.

After that all dried I assembled the frame, interior and body together. This required a bunch of sanding and trimming to get everything to fit. I used hobby grade epoxy to glue this all together.

Overall not a bad build but not great. But if you want these great models in your collection, you better act fast!DSC_0289 DSC_0290 General Lee a General Lee b

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  1. John DeRosia John DeRosia

    Mark – this brings back memories of so many of the fun Dukes of Hazzard shows. Good clean family entertainment compared to some of the stuff now on TV. Your model came out so good- like being there with Luke and Bo and well….the rest of them if you know what i mean ….”””Ku Ku Ku good buddy”””-from Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrain…..

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