IPMS-Seattle - Spring Show 2023

Please note: These photos are taken outside of the realm of judging for the show. If an entry does not appear in the correct category, or is not included, it is just an error with the photo presentation - models were judged independently of having their photo taken.











Special IPMS Award Winners

Judges' Best in Show: The Ted Holowhuck Memorial Award

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Tim Nelson
  • Category: 115
  • Model: Blackburn Kangaroo

Best Junior

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Nicklos Banyai-Riepl
  • Category: 001
  • Model: Airfix Vampire T.11

Best Aircraft

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Chris Morris
  • Category: 106
  • Model: P-40N

Best Military Vehicle/Weapons

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Greg Mockos
  • Category: 201a
  • Model: Panther Disassembled

Best Figure

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Eric Sijgers
  • Category: 303
  • Model: Terijin (Daemon)

Best Ship

Sponsor: IPMS Boise
  • Modeler: Keith Grueck
  • Category: 404
  • Model: Nina

Best Automotive

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Eric Sijgers
  • Category: 503
  • Model: 59 Chevy El Camino

Best Space Fact/ Experimental/ Sci-Fi

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Bauble Youna
  • Category: 603b
  • Model: Star Wars Blockade Runner

Best Diorama/Vignette

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Bill Huffman
  • Category: 704
  • Model: Wolfenstein

Best Gundam

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Albert Kim
  • Category: 904
  • Model: Nu Gundam Ver. Ka

Best Modelfy - Jeep Build

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Eric Christianson
  • Category: 807b
  • Model: Jeep Flakwagon

Best Artillery in Memory of Dale Moes

Sponsor: George Stray, Shawn Gehling and Roy Schlicht
  • Modeler: Bill Chilstrom
  • Category: 206
  • Model: Trebuchet

Best Military Vignette in Memory of Mark Ford

Sponsor: George Stray, Shawn Gehling and Roy Schlicht
  • Modeler: David Hansen
  • Category: 201b3
  • Model: Renault FP Transporter with Renault Tank

Best B-17 in Memory of Terry Moore

Sponsor: Bob LaBouy
  • Modeler: Tim Nelson
  • Category: 104
  • Model: B-17E “Birmingham Blitzkrieg”
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