IPMS-Seattle - Spring Show 2019

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Please note: These photos are taken outside of the realm of judging for the show. If an entry does not appear in the correct category, or is not included, it is just an error with the photo presentation - models were judged independently of having their photo taken.










Special IPMS Award Winners

Judges' Best in Show:
The Ted Holowhuck Memorial Award

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Mark Ford
  • Category: 203
  • Model: A10 Cruiser tank

Best Junior

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Hayden Andersen
  • Category: 004
  • Model: Prototype police droid

Best Aircraft

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Mark Schachter
  • Category: 103b2
  • Model: Spitfire FR Mk XVIII

Best Military Vehicle/Weapons

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Mark Ford
  • Category: 203
  • Model: A10 Cruiser tank

Best Figure

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Kelly Kim
  • Category: 304
  • Model: Sisters of Battle Canoness

Best Ship

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Keith Grueck
  • Category: 404
  • Model: HMS "Cheerful"

Best Automotive

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Paul Steadman
  • Category: 501b
  • Model: 1969 COPO Camaro 2L1

Best Space Fact/ Experimental/ Sci-Fi

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Paul Rathbun
  • Category: 604
  • Model: Predator bust

Best Diorama/Vignette

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Steve Klein
  • Category: 703
  • Model: Steady boys, steady

Best Modelfy

Sponsor: IPMS Seattle
  • Modeler: Steven Hilby
  • Category: 807
  • Model: Space truck

Best Display

Sponsor: Morgan Girling
  • Modeler: Charlie Redding
  • Category: 103a
  • Model: Tamiya A6M2-4

Best Sci-Fi

Sponsor: Galaxy Hobby
  • Modeler: Michael Wine
  • Category: 603
  • Model: Hasegawa Macross SDf1 (movie edition)

Best 1/72nd Bomber Aircraft

Sponsor: Fred May
  • Modeler: Bill Johnson
  • Category: 115
  • Model: 1/72 Boeing Model 299

Best British/Commonwealth Subject in Memory of George Allen

Sponsor: Robert Allen and Andrew Birkbeck
  • Modeler: Mark Schachter
  • Category: 103b
  • Model: Spitfire FR Mk. XVIII

Best Canadian Subject

Sponsor: IPMS Vancouver BC
  • Modeler: Brody Coumont
  • Category: 106
  • Model: 1/32 TBM-3 Avenger

Best Fire/Life Safety Subject

Sponsor: Seaside Fire Service
  • Modeler: Rick Vennett
  • Category: 205
  • Model: Dodge SC-54 ambulance

Best French Subject

Sponsor: George Stray, Roy Schlicht, Shawn Gehling
  • Modeler: George Bacon
  • Category: 201b
  • Model: Panhard A78, AMD-35 command version, France 1940

Best Italian Subject in Memory of Stephen Tontoni

Sponsor: Will Perry and Ralph Braun
  • Modeler: Bob Jacobsen
  • Category: 508
  • Model: Ferrari 641

Best Japanese Subject

Sponsor: Tim Nelson and Woody Yeung
  • Modeler: Brian Sakai
  • Category: 405a
  • Model: 1/700 IJN I-400 submarine

Best Military Vehicle in Honor of Dale Moes

Sponsor: George Stray, Roy Schlicht, and Shawn Gehling
  • Modeler: Mark Ford
  • Category: 201b
  • Model: Panhard AMD 165/175 armored car

Best Small Air Forces

Sponsor: Mike Millette and Andrew Bertschi
  • Modeler: Grayham Partridge
  • Category: 107
  • Model: 1/72 North Korean MiG-15bis

Edward C. Allworth Award for Best U.S. WWI Subject

Sponsor: Oregon Mid-Valley Modelers
  • Modeler: Steve Klein
  • Category: 703
  • Model: Der Schweinhund (you pig dog)

Best WWII AFV in Memory of Richard Sullivan

Sponsor: Mark Ford and George Stray
  • Modeler: Greg Mockos
  • Category: 201A
  • Model: SIG 33

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