IPMS-Seattle - Spring Show 2018

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Special IPMS Award Winners

Best Bare Metal Finish

Sponsor: IPMS/Tacoma Green Dragon/Les Sundt Memorial Chapter
  • Modeler: Rob Latimer
  • Category: 108
  • Model: 1/48 Canadian T-33 Silver Star Mk3 Tug

Best 1/72nd Bomber Aircraft

Sponsor: Fred May
  • Modeler: Tom Gourlie
  • Category: 104
  • Model: 1/72 Lancaster B.III

Best British/Commonwealth Subject in Memory of George Allen

Sponsor: Robert Allen and Andrew Birkbeck
  • Modeler: Mark Ford
  • Category: 201B
  • Model: British Cruiser Tank A9CS

Best Canadian Subject

Sponsor: IPMS Vancouver BC
  • Modeler: Tom Gourlie
  • Category: 102
  • Model: 1/72 Spitfire VIII

Best Fire/Life Safety Subject

Sponsor: Seaside Fire Service
  • Modeler: Steve Lewis
  • Category: 505
  • Model: Pink Toe Truck

Best French Subject

Sponsor: Djordje Nikolic and Jacob Russell
  • Modeler: Brandon Chutich
  • Category: 405
  • Model: LE Triomphant SSBN

Best German Subject

Sponsor: Lauren Blakley
  • Modeler: Michael Tsoumpas
  • Category: 207
  • Model: A7V Uberlandwagen

Best Italian Subject in Memory of Stephen Tontoni

Sponsor: Will Perry and Ralph Braun
  • Modeler: Stewart Goodfellow
  • Category: 509
  • Model: Ducati 1299 Panigale S

Best Japanese Subject

Sponsor: Tim Nelson and Woody Yeung
  • Modeler: Mark Stearney
  • Category: 509
  • Model: Hasegawa Shell advance Honda NSR250

Best Middle East Wars Subject

Sponsor: Middle East Wars SIG IPMS/USA
  • Modeler: Terry Moore
  • Category: 104
  • Model: B-17G Suez Crisis

Best Military Subject in Honor of Dale Moes

Sponsor: George Stray, Roy Schlicht, and Shawn Gehling
  • Modeler: Michael Tsoumpas
  • Category: 207
  • Model: A7V Uberlandwagen

Best Science Fiction Subject

Sponsor: Galaxy Hobby
  • Modeler: Jeff Little
  • Category: Diorama
  • Model: Battle of Endor Death Star II Diorama

Best Small Air Forces

Sponsor: Mike Millette and Andrew Bertschi
  • Modeler: Bob Windus
  • Category: 103A
  • Model: 1/48 IAR-80 Defense of Romania

Edward C. Allworth Award for Best U.S. WWI Subject

Sponsor: Oregon Mid-Valley Modelers
  • Modeler: Russ Bucy
  • Category: 114B
  • Model: 1/48 Bruegel 14A2, 96th Aero Squadron

Best WWII AFV in Memory of Richard Sullivan

Sponsor: Mark Ford and George Stray
  • Modeler: Greg Mockos
  • Category: 201A
  • Model: 1/35 Stug III F/8 1943

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Show Honorees

Best Junior

  • Modeler: Christy Li
  • Model: Nissan R390

Best Aircraft

  • Modeler: Joe Brown
  • Model: Junkers J-1

Best Military Vehicle/Weapons

  • Modeler: Michael Tsoumpas
  • Model: A7V Uberlandwagen

Best Figure

  • Modeler: Paul Rathbun
  • Model: Blasphemy

Best Ship

  • Modeler: Bill Cianci
  • Model: Wooden Flying Cloud

Best Automotive

  • Modeler: Ron Desnoyers
  • Model: Lamborghini

Best Space Fact/ Experimental/ Sci-Fi

  • Modeler: Kevin Bennett
  • Model: Cylon Raider

Best Diorama/Vignette

  • Modeler: Jeff Little
  • Model: Battle of Endor

Best Modelfy sponsored by IPMS Seattle

  • Modeler: John DeRosia
  • Model: AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Best in Show

  • Modeler: Paul Rathbun
  • Model: Blasphemy

Award Presentations

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